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  • Sorrowheart Mini-Trailer
    Brenia Sorrowheart’s orders are clear. Find the key and unlock the box. Prevent Talforland from corrupting the treasure that lies hidden inside. Soon, however, Bree’s quest for the key takes her on a journey that leads from the crisp, clear ocean into the deepest bowels of the earth. As her visions turn to nightmares, Bree must not only unlock the secret of the box, but the mystery that lives inside of her own dreams.
  • What is it like to have dyslexia?
    The animations in this video were created by illustration students working with health professionals as part of our new Health Design Technology Institute. The DVD 'Demystifying Visual Dyslexia' can be bought on the Coventry University website. It is just one of the great examples of our students using their skills to help people.
  • Stage Combat Fight - Peter vs Fenris Ulf Lion Witch Wardrobe
    The fight for Peter and Fenris Ulf in the current show I am working on, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.
  • Stage Combat Fight (Inside Theater)
    This is from way back when I was still learning how to do choreography.
  • Ravenheart Book Trailer - Comfort Publishing/Ingrams Book Group
    The power of the Creator God is dead. His pendant lies dormant, forgotten inside the altar of a heathen temple dedicated to worshiping statues and demons. Few know of a prophecy and a girl who might not only awaken the blessed pendant, but a power so evil and deadly, it could destroy the world. Ayla, a human child raised by dwarves, must solve the mystery of the pendant before a spoiled prince and devious priestess crush a kingdoms hopes forever.
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