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Brenia Sorrowheart’s orders are clear. Find the key and unlock the box. Prevent Talforland from corrupting the treasure that lies hidden inside. Soon, however, Bree’s quest for the key takes her on a journey that leads from the crisp, clear ocean into the deepest bowels of the earth. As her visions turn to nightmares, Bree must not only unlock the secret of the box, but the mystery that lives inside of her own dreams.

Ayla and Bree
And They Fight
Ayla and Bree 2
Ayla and the Dreamwalker
Bleeding leg
Bree faces the dragon
Courtney as Dreamwalker
Dreamwalker 2
Bleeding leg 2
Bree and Finn
Bree and Finn 2
Bree and her injuredness
Bree on Sunfire
Dreamwalker 3
Bree and Landon
Bree leading
Drawing the sword
Bree fights back
Bree looking
Bree Climbing
Bree Throws a Rock
The Key and the Ring
Sleeping Shot
Bree swimming
Bree saves Landon
Bree underwater
Bree underwater 2
Give me that camera!
Landon Underwater
Landon Swimming
Girls fight
Landon and Veralore
Esther and candles
Esther in the woods
Esther in the woods2
Esther in the woods 3
Landon on Marigold
Esther with the box
Esther and the box
Kendra explains it all
Landon and his dragon scar
Queen Veralore 3
The three fish outa water